Your Pathway to Java Mastery

A COMPREHENSIVE Roadmap for the Aspiring Backend Expert!

Imagine having a clear, step-by-step guide that not only teaches you the essentials but also dives deep into the advanced concepts of Java backend development.

Each course in our roadmap builds upon the previous one, ensuring a smooth transition from basic concepts to more complex topics. You'll delve into the depths of Java Collections, conquer concurrency, master microservices, and even get a grip on crucial tools like Maven and Docker. 

These courses are not scripted videos. They are real lectures filled with practical advice and real-world insights that prepare you for the challenges of modern backend development. By the end of this journey, you'll not only be proficient in Java but also equipped with the skills to design and implement robust, scalable backend systems.

  • Core Java

  • STEP 1 - Embark on Your Java Journey

    Java Essentials

    Java Essentials is your first step into the world of Java programming. Understand the core concepts and build a solid foundation. This course is crucial for grasping the basics and paves the way for advanced learning. Ideal for beginners or you need a refresher to kick-start your preparation.

  • STEP 2 - Deep Dive into Java Collections

    Java Collections In Depth

    After mastering the basics, it's time to explore Java Collections in depth. This course is essential for managing data efficiently in Java. You'll learn about different collection types and how to use them effectively in various programming scenarios.
    This skill is KEY for tacking coding interviews!

  • STEP 3 - Master the Art of Concurrency

    Java Concurrency

    Java Concurrency is a critical skill for building fast, responsive and concurrent applications. In this course, you'll learn to manage multiple threads and processes, a must-have knowledge for advanced Java programming. This is also a critical skill to have for tackling advanced interview questions.

  • STEP 4 - Unlock the Power of Java Generics

    Java Generics In-Depth

    Generics enhance code reusability and safety. This course delves into Java Generics, teaching you to write flexible and error-free code. It's an essential step for anyone aiming to become an expert in Java.

  • STEP 5 - Ace Your Java Interviews

    Java Interview Prep Level 1

    Prepared specifically for job seekers, this course covers key topics and common questions in Java interviews. Sharpen your knowledge and boost your confidence to succeed in interviews

  • STEP 6 - Embrace Functional Programming

    Functional Java

    Explore the functional aspects of Java with lambdas and streams. This course is vital for writing more concise, efficient, and clean code. Perfect for those looking to modernize their Java skills.

  • STEP 7 - Explore Java with JShell

    JShell Basics

    JShell, the interactive Java Shell, is a fantastic tool for learning and testing Java code quickly. This course introduces JShell, making your Java exploration and learning more dynamic.

  • STEP 8 - Master Java Testing with JUnit

    JUnit Basics

    Learn the fundamentals of testing Java applications using JUnit. You WILL be using JUnit on the job as a Java developer, so this course is a must for any serious Java developer.

  • STEP 9 - Apply Your Java Skills!

    Core Java Project Work

    Put your knowledge to the test with hands-on Java projects. This practical course bridges the gap between theory and real-world application, essential for understanding the nuances of Java development. Code with me as we build a time tracker CLI application that uses many of the concepts learned so far.

  • Essential Tooling Skills

  • STEP 10 - Version Control with Git

    Git Basics

    Learn Git, an indispensable tool for modern software development. This course covers the essentials of version control, a fundamental skill for working in teams on the job.

  • STEP 11 - Build Processes and Project Management

    Maven Essentials

    Maven is among the most popular build tools in Java. This course teaches you how to manage project dependencies and streamline your development workflow.

  • Database Skills

  • STEP 12 - Navigate the World of Data Stores

    Databases and Data Stores for Backend Engineers

    Understand different types of databases and data stores, essential for backend development. This course is a must for anyone looking to understand the database landscape today - Relational vs NoSQL vs Time Series vs NewSQL and more!

  • STEP 13 - Master RDBMS and SQL Queries

    Relational Databases and SQL

    Dive into relational databases and SQL, the backbone of data management in many applications. This course is key for Java developers as relational databases are still the most used options for large backend systems

  • STEP 14 - Simplify Database Interactions with ORM

    JPA and Hibernate Essentials

    Learn how to interact with databases using JPA and Hibernate. This course is vital for understanding the industry standard for backend database operations - Object relational mapping with JPA and Hibernate

  • Spring Framework

  • STEP 15 - Learn the foundational Spring

    Spring Framework Essentials

    (Coming Soon)

    Spring Framework is the defacto standard and a powerhouse for Java developers. This course covers its essentials, crucial foundations that set the stage for the rest of your backend career!

  • STEP 16 - Fast-Track Spring Boot

    Spring Boot Quick Start

    Spring Boot simplifies Spring application setup and development. This course is perfect for those wanting to get up and running quickly with this powerful framework.

  • STEP 17 - Secure Your Apps

    Spring Security Basics

    (Coming Soon)

    Learn to protect your applications using Spring Security. Essential for building safe and reliable software, this course is a must for any developer focusing on security.

  • Microservices with Spring

  • STEP 18 - Connect and Discover Services

    Spring Boot Microservices - Service Discovery and Communication

    Explore service discovery and communication in microservices architecture. This course is crucial for building complex, distributed applications with Spring Boot.

  • STEP 19 - Build Resilient Microservices

    Spring Boot Microservices - Fault Tolerance and Resilience

    Learn to make your microservices robust against failures. This course teaches the principles of fault tolerance and resilience, key for maintaining high availability and reliability in your applications.

  • STEP 20 - Efficiently Configure

    Spring Boot Microservices - Microservice Configuration

    This course dives into the strategies for effective microservice configuration. It's a must for any developer working with complex microservice architectures, or those who aspire to!

  • STEP 21 - Embrace the Reactive Paradigm

    Reactive programming with Java

    Reactive programming is changing the way we think about data flow and event handling. This course is vital for those wanting to write more responsive and resilient applications in Java.

  • Cloud and Scale

  • STEP 22 - Step Into the World of Cloud Computing

    Cloud Basics

    Understanding cloud basics is crucial in today's digital landscape. This course provides a foundation for leveraging cloud technologies as well as tackles some key cloud certification questions!

  • STEP 23 - Best Practices for Modern App Development

    Mastering the Twelve Factor App

    The Twelve Factor App methodology is key for building scalable and maintainable applications. This course is a deep dive into each of these 12 principles, essential for any modern developer.

  • STEP 24 - Harness Scalable databases

    Cassandra Essentials

    Learn to use Cassandra, a powerful NoSQL database. This course is important for managing large-scale data efficiently and effectively.

  • Dev Ops

  • STEP 25 - Containerize Your Applications

    Docker Essentials

    Docker is revolutionizing application deployment. This course teaches you how to containerize your Java applications, and more importantly, teaches you how it all works!

  • STEP 26 - Automate Your Infrastructure

    Terraform Essentials

    Terraform is a key tool for infrastructure as code. A lot of companies are automating their infrastructure deploys on the cloud, so this course is crucial for succeeding as a backend developer deploying to the cloud.