Architect Series

For where your career needs to be tomorrow

The Architect series brings you essential training to level you up! Learn the skills you need to have as a senior software engineer and make your way to the architect level.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 02.What is Cloud Computing_

    • 03.Using cloud computing and the term

    • 04.How we got to cloud computing

    • 05.The on-prem model

    • 06.Working with the on-prem model

    • 07.Virtual machines

    • 08.Key characteristics of on-prem data centers

    • 09.The problem with on-prem

  2. 2
    • 10.Exam practice question

    • 11.Defining cloud computing - Gartner and NIST definitions

    • 12.Five essential characteristics

    • 13.A modern definition of cloud

    • 14.Exam practice question

    • 15.Exam practice question

    • 16.Service models explained

    • 17.Service model details and exceptions

    • 18.Shared responsibility model

    • 19.Exam practice question