Course curriculum

    1. Agenda

    2. Why so many technologies

    3. Microservices vs service oriented architectures

    4. The application we'll be building

    5. Test your learning

    1. Designing the sample microservices

    2. Creating starter microservice projects -

    3. Building the Movie Catalog Service API

    4. Building the Movie Info Service API

    5. Configuring server port for microservices

    6. Coding the third service and discussing communication

    1. Using a Bean to create RestTemplate instance

    2. Using WebClient to make API calls

    3. Making a call to the Ratings API

    4. Why you should avoid returning lists in APIs

    5. Audience questions on microservice communication

    6. Using RestTemplate to call an external microservice API

    1. Understanding Service Discovery

    2. Introducing Eureka

    3. Starting a Eureka server

    4. Creating Eureka clients

    5. Discovering services through Eureka

    6. Doing client side load balancing

    7. Recap and Next Steps

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