Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • What is Java?

    • What are the characteristics of Java?

    • What is JVM?

    • What is JRE?

    • What is JDK?

    • What is Java byte code?

    • What is the difference between path and classpath?

    • What is the difference between sourcepath and classpath?

  2. 3
    • What are the different memory areas allocated by the JVM?

    • What's the difference between permgen and metaspace?

    • What is garbage collection?

    • What is JIT compilation?

    • How and why do you configure heap space in Java?

    • How and why do you configure stack size in Java?

    • What is a classloader?

    • What are the different types of classloaders?

  3. 4
    • What is public static void main and what happens if I switch order?

    • Can you execute code before the main method runs?

    • What's the difference betwen break and continue?

    • What's the difference between float and double?

    • Why would you need a break in a switch statement?

    • What are the primitive types in Java?

    • Explain default value behavior of local variables

    • Can a double be cast to a byte?

    • Can a byte be cast to a double?

    • How do you break from a nested loop?

  4. 5
    • What are the different access modifiers in Java?

    • What are the different scope types for Java variables?

    • What is static and the static modifier?

    • Is Java pass by value or pass by reference?

    • What is the initial value of instance variables?

    • How does a constructor work?

    • How does constructor overloading work?

    • What is the copy constructor pattern?

    • What is the this keyword and when is it used?

    • What is constructor chaining?

    • What are wrapper classes?

    • What is autoboxing and unbosing?

    • What is the singleton pattern and how do you implement it in Java?

    • What is a final keyword and when is it used?

    • What is encapsulation?

    • What is abstraction?

    • What are marker interfaces?

  5. 6
    • What is method overriding?

    • What is the superclass of all classes?

    • What is the difference between == and equals() method?

    • Whats the difference between overloading and overriding?

    • Can static methods be overriden in Java?

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