Raw coding. End to end.

Learn like no tutorial video can teach you. This is the experience of watching full projects built from scratch.
You've seen enough Hello World apps. Now watch applications with real functionality being built.

  • Full project builds from scratch right before your eyes

  • Explanations and reasoning provided. I think out loud so you learn how to think.

  • Not just happy-path coding. See real problems and errors faced and how I resolve them.

  • Open source project for you to pick up where we end here.

Full-stack WordSearch game

Spring Boot + JavaScript + Heroku

Watch me build a word search game from scratch using a Java backend for puzzle generation, Spring Boot for API and JavaScript front end for interactive playing experience. See the project built step-by-step and deployed on the cloud to Heroku.

Resume Portal App

Spring Boot + JPA + MySQL + AWS

Watch me build a resume portal application that allows editing and publishing of an HTML resume with a choice of themes, backed by a MySQL database backend and Spring Security for user login and deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

IPL Dashboard

Spring Boot + Spring Batch + JPA + React JS + AWS

Watch me build an IPL dashboard application that lets you browse IPL teams and look at previous match details. Using Spring Boot, Spring Batch, React frontend and deployed to AWS.

No cricket knowledge required!