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Spring Boot + JPA + MySQL + AWS

Watch me build a resume portal application that allows editing and publishing of an HTML resume with a choice of themes, backed by a MySQL database backend and Spring Security for user login and deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Course curriculum

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  • 2

    Setting up login with Spring Security

    • Choosing dependencies in Spring Initializr

    • Running and logging in with generated user

    • Creating User entity and repository

    • Mapping User Details Service for Spring Security

    • Spring Security web configuration

    • Testing and wrapping up Spring Security

  • 3

    Building the profile view features

    • Adding a profile view path and template

    • Adding resume profile template alternatives

    • Profile HTML links

    • Choosing template based on user

    • Displaying profile sumary in the template

    • Creating a list of job experience and populating them

    • Adding and displaying more profile fields

    • Implementing basic fields in all templates

    • Fixing issue with initializing experience data

    • Displaying user experience list in the profile

    • Adding present job indicator and fixing issues with template

    • Displaying formatted dates in the response

    • Listing job responsibilities in the experience section

    • Listing Education information in the profile

    • Displaying skills and wrapping up profile template

  • 4

    Building the profile edit features

    • Setting up the profile edit controller path

    • Fetching user data to pepopulate the form

    • Setting form inputs with prefilled values

    • Adding other form inputs and using Bootstrap

    • Displaying a list of inputs in a form

    • Fixing date input formatting and adding table headers

    • Adding education and skills inputs to the form

    • Getting save functionality with form post

    • Adding theme selection and sumary controls

    • Functionality to add new jobs, education and skills

    • Allowing delete for jobs, education and skills

    • Adding edit link for current user's profile

    • Adding welcome page and removing db init code

  • 5

    Provisioning and Deploying on AWS

    • Creating an AWS Beanstalk instance

    • Updating the app to connect to MySQL

    • Fixing DB issues and wrapping up