• Core Java


    Java Essentials

    You've coded in Java before but you'd like to revise your knowledge and address any gaps? This course provides an overall refresher of the most-know essentials of the Java programming language. A perfect start for getting on this journey to become a Java backend engineer.


    Git Basics

    Learn how to use and be comfortable with Git and Github. As a developer, you'll need to use Git a lot! Learn about version control and how to use it well.


    Java Interview Prep Level 1

    This is the first of the interview questions prep courses. Here we cover basic core Java interview questions and how to answer them.

  • Build and Tooling


    Maven Essentials

    Maven is a common build tool used in many Java codebases. This is how you commonly get dependent libraries as well as build and run your Java code. In this course, learn how to get comfortable using Maven for common tasks

  • Advanced Java


    Java Lambda Basics

    Lambdas are a powerful way of writing code and logic in Java. As a Java developer, you are expected to have indepth knowledge of Java Lambdas. You'll need to use lambdas at work, as well as in coding interviews.


    Java Collections Essentials

    Java comes with some powerful Collections APIs that you can use to store your application data when writing code. Learn about the popular collection APIs and how to use them. Bonus: This is a popular topic for many interview questions!


    JUnit Basics

    Every Java developer needs to know how to write tests for their code. JUnit is the defacto standard for writing unit tests in Java. Learn about this testing framework and library and how to effectively write tests for your Java code.



    Java Generics In-Depth

    Knowledge of Generics in Java is an essential skill. Master Generics in Java and gain a deep understanding of how to use, read and apply Generics in Java.


    JShell Basics

    In this optional course, learn about JShell, a REPL shell that Java comes with. JShell allows you to run arbitrary command and quickly prototype syntax without needing to compile or build code


    Java Interview Prep 2

    (Coming Soon)

    In this second Java interview prep course, learn how to tackle Java interview questions covering advanced topics

  • API Development

  • STEP 11 - COURSE

    Spring Boot Quick Start

    Learn how to create full end-to-end Spring applications and REST APIs using Spring Boot

  • STEP 12 - COURSE

    JPA and Hibernate Essentials

    Learn how to use Object Relational mapping framework Hibernate as well as the standard JPA. This is essential knowledge when working with databases in Java

  • Microservice Development

  • STEP 13 - COURSE

    Spring Boot Microservices - Service Discovery and Communication

    Learn how to create microservices and have them discover each other through service discovery technologies

  • STEP 14 - COURSE

    Spring Boot Microservices - Fault Tolerance and Resilience

    Build reliable and fault tolerant microservices with Spring Boot using Hysterix

  • STEP 15 - COURSE

    Spring Boot Microservices - Microservice Configuration

    Understand and implement distributed configuration for microservices

  • DevOps and more

  • STEP 16 - COURSE

    Docker Essentials

    Understand what Docker is, how it works and how to use it to develop and release code in containers

  • STEP 17 - COURSE

    Terraform Essentials

    Get started with Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform, a powerful way to manage your cloud infrastructure

  • STEP 18 - COURSE

    Cassandra Essentials

    Learn about this powerful distributed database that helps you build amazingly scalable applications with high availability. Cassandra concepts are also useful to handle system design interview questions

  • Cloud and Architecture

  • STEP 19 - COURSE

    Cloud Basics

    Understanding the cloud is an ESSENTIAL skill for a senior software developer and architect. This course teaches you all the basics of the cloud AND trains you for some common cloud certification concepts.

  • STEP 20 - COURSE

    Mastering the Twelve Factor App

    Master the art of building Cloud-Native Apps with the 12 factor methodology. Learn the best practices for building scalable, reliable, and efficient cloud-native applications.